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Shiro Kajima is the son of Sayo Kajima and Tora Kobayashi. He was also a victim of the Ketsuzei Riot gang and was killed by Banzō Takemura, Gishiro Tsukamoto, Okono Kitahama, and Tokuichi Shokei.


Tora Kobayashi, being a wealthy teacher, met Sayo years ago and they fell in love and eventually Shiro was born. Shiro and his parents lived a happy life free from the Ketsuzei Riots.

Meiji 6 (1873) Koichi Village Aimi District, Shimane PrefectureEdit

Shiro with family

Shiro walking the path of Koichi Village with his parents.

Shiro and his parents spent one day outdoors walking around town. They eventually cross the path of Koichi Village. During the peaceful and sunny day, Shiro ran along the path of Koichi Village. He ran past his parents into a field near the village. However, one of the villagers noticed the family and started to ring the bell from the tower. Sayo called out to Shiro to return back to her, but it was too late as Kitahama entered the field and grabbed Shiro as Shokei, Takemura, and Tsukamoto ran towards Sayo and Tora.

Sayo and Shiro Theatened

Shiro and Sayo Kajima being held by Okono Kitahama.

Shokei, Takemura, and Tsukamoto ranted and accused Tora for being part of the new government that drafts men into fighting in wars due to Tora wearing a fancy white dress outfit. Tora explain that he is dressed nicely only because he is a teacher in a nearby town. Not believing a word he says, Shokei, Takemura, and Tsukamoto eventually kill Tora while Sayo and Shiro watched.


Shiro Kajima Corpse

Shiro's corpse.

After the death of Tora, the four gang members grabbed Sayo and Shiro and took them to the hut near the field. However, Shiro may have caused trouble and put up a fight between the gang members. In anger and to get him "out of the way", the four killers killed Shiro and let his body rot near the running water stream.