Meteor Hammer Real

A typical single-headed Meteor Hammer


The Meteor Hammer is a defensive Chinese weapon that has many techniques in the form of martial arts. It is also the weapon used by Gogo Yubari whilst fighting The Bride during the Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves.


Meteor Hammer Double

A double-headed meteor hammer.

A Meteor Hammer consists of a sphere (metal, plastic, and rubber) attached to either a rope or a chain. The sphere can have many different designs and weights. With a lighter weight, the weapon can be swung faster and similar to a nunchaku.

There are single-headed meteor hammers and double-headed meteor hammers with both being as much as 5 meters in length.

There are many techniques for the meteor hammer as it can used for swinging, throwing, whipping, grabbing and striking opponents.

However, while a meteor hammer affords numerous advantages over a sword-wielding opponent, its weaknesses and dangers are equally apparent. Owing to its inherently fluid nature, special and meticulous training is required to wield it successfully without sustaining injury. The freely swinging hammer head is also difficult to control and can easily bludgeon its wielder as well as its foes. All of this can be seen in Gogo's battle with The Bride.

Gogo's Meteor HammerEdit

Meteor Hammer and Gogo

Gogo's Meteor Hammer.

Meteor Hammer Blades

Gogo's meteor hammer with the retractable blades.

Gogo's Meteor Hammer design is of a metallic sphere with spikes attached to the object. Her weapon is single-headed and seems quite heavy as she uses it for swinging to try to strike her opponents. With the possible heavy sphere, the strike of the sphere is very lethal and may cause death.

Gogo uses her weapon during the battle against The Bride in the House of Blue Leaves. During the fight, she was able to strike The Bride knocking her off her feet and quite possibly cracking a rib.

Gogo's weapon also has a special extra feature. On the handle of her Meteor Hammer, there is a button she can press and a saw-like blade reveals itself surrounding the sphere. This makes the Meteor Hammer resemble a razor-sharp disc.

Gogo was also capable of strangling her opponents who got caught in the chain of her meteor hammer as shown when she nearly kills The Bride towards the end of their fight.

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