Dr. Lawrence Bell was Vernita Green's husband, and Nikkia Bell's father.


According to Beatrix Kiddo, Dr. Bell was a medical doctor who was intelligent, strong, and healthy. He could be the kind of man any of the women within the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad could want. Dr. Bell lived a normal life.

Meeting VernitaEdit

Sometime after the Massacre at Two Pines, Vernita chose to live a regular life and no longer be a part of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. During the same year of The Bride's demise, Vernita met Dr. Bell and eventually chose to love him and be his wife. Vernita gave birth to their daughter Nikki and Vernita lived a happy life with her new family. A life that the Bride would've wanted.

The Death of VernitaEdit

Four years later, The Bride awoke from her long coma and sought revenge on Vernita and her family. Fortunately, after the Bride killed Dr. Bell's wife, The Bride chose not to kill Dr. Bell and his daughter. Dr. Bell was not present to witness his wife's death, unlike Nikki, and he was left to raise their child alone.


  • Quentin Tarantino has stated that if another film were to be made, Nikki would go after the Bride after being raised by Sofie Fatale. This leaves the question of what happened to Mr. Bell if his daughter was being raised by Sofie.
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