Death List Five



Death List Five is a list Beatrix Kiddo compiled soon after the interrogation of Sofie Fatale. It included the names and code-names of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad members who were responsible for the Massacre at Two Pines on her wedding rehearsal day.


One by one, Beatrix tracked down the five members of the Squad. After defeating O-Ren, Beatrix fought and killed Vernita Green, and attempted to kill Budd, but the latter however was prepared for her arrival, buried her alive and stole her Hanzo sword. 

The next day, Budd called Elle Driver, the next person on Beatrix's list to come over his trailer to buy the sword, only to be blindsided by Elle, who planted a black mamba snake inside the suitcase containing her payment for the sword, killing him. Moments later, Beatrix, who managed to escape the grave, went back to Budd's trailer and attacked Elle. Winning against Elle, Beatrix successfully retrieved her sword and headed out to face the last person on her list: her ex-lover, Bill.

After learning of Bill's secret hideout after coaxing Bill's father figure Esteban Vihaio, Beatrix killed her final target using the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Pai Mei secretly taught her.


  • Only three members of the Death List Five were actually killed by the Bride. Budd was killed by a black mamba (placed there by Elle Driver), and Elle Driver has not yet been confirmed dead.
  • The overall storyline of "Kill Bill", a woman seeks revenge on a group of people, crossing them off a list one by one as she kills them, is adapted from "Lady Snowblood", a 1973 Japanese film in which a woman kills off the gang who murdered her family.
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