B.B. Kiddo is Beatrix Kiddo's and Bill's daughter. She had an innocent and simplistic view of life and death, avidly playing with a plastic gun and fatally stomping her pet goldfish Emilio underfoot.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Birth and Childhood[edit | edit source]

A few weeks before she was born, Beatrix ran away to El Paso to begin a new life under the name Arlene. It is assumed that B.B. was born whilst Kiddo was in a coma, though Beatrix was unaware of this fact and had assumed B.B. did not survive the Massacre at Two Pines. Once she was born, Bill took her into his home and raised her until she was four, at which point Kiddo came for her.

While she was growing up, B.B. was slightly confused about the whereabouts of her mother. When she asked Bill, he told her that "mommy had been sleeping, and that one day she would wake up and come and see her, and that she'd know what she'd look like because she'd been dreaming of her."

In a 2012 interview, director Quentin Tarantino admitted that B.B's death was to be used as a plot device in a Kill Bill, Volume 3 installation which he also stated would "likely not" see the light of day. Tarantino went to to state that B.B would have died from being poisoned by Bill's secret mistress, whose name was not disclosed.

B.B.'s name possibly means "Beatrix/Bill" as she is their genetic offspring and would have most certainly be named by Bill himself. That being said, if her first name is indeed Beatrix, it could have been a tribute to the Bride, since Bill never knew if she'd emerge from her coma.

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